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Trench Drains, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

Trench drains are quite popular among all property owners due to their functionality and how they can divert and move all water away. In case you are new to the concept, these drains are also known as channel, slot, and line drains. This is why so many people also use them since the design and way they are addressed are the same and quite similar throughout the process. The idea of using trench drains is to improve all the movement away and to divert off your surface water, especially in locations where excess water is a massive issue during rains and storms.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, our professionals have been supporting all professionals and made sure to consider all elements involved, including your type of soil, inclination, and the way your water is flooding the space or left stagnant in a single location.

When working around trench drains, we always ensure that people understand they are not the same as French drains. There is clear confusion quite often due to what each type does and how they can function in the spaces.

If we have to mention a specific difference, definitely how quickly trench drains work in this process. They will remove all surface water faster than any French drain and work around how to prevent dust, waste, and debris from entering your drainage and system, which would usually cause clogging and obstructions in your pipes.

Driveways, parking lots, and even sidewalks highly benefit from trench drains due to their speed and the way they can manage large amounts of water and excess. Meanwhile, French drains are meant for locations around your patio, specific designs, and common drainage with a limit in excess.

How Do You Know What’s the Right Option to Use?

When gravity is a strong element in your property, you can move all the surface water to a new part of your infrastructure or far from it so that your foundation and all elements can be in good condition.

Trenches quite rely on gravity a lot due to how they must be dug and then include elements that could help with all the draining and diverting in your property.

Of course, the shape of the trenches alone isn¡’t enough, as you need to complement them with proper slopes and concrete formations that help with the water-diverting process. This will also protect the trenches and make sure they are not clogged by debris, waste, dirt, or any specific elements in the garden or outdoor space.

Trenches are popular for concrete locations and flat ones because gravity can be quite made with a slope in the place. You get to place the trench alongside the element and work on a comfort option to divert all water further from your property.

Excess water won’t be an issue as long as you have the trench controlled and know what’s the best design for the flat or concrete space where you are building it.

We highly recommend having our professionals come over and provide more insight into whether your project is doable or not. This way, you won’t regret the investment, and, more importantly, you will actually have a drainage feature that works in your place.

Allow us to come over and provide proper insight and information about the resources needed and how our professional drainage contractors will get all the trench drains done when they see they are needed and doable.

How Much Do Trench Drains Cost in Florida?

The cost will vary depending on the type of trench and how it is handled. In most cases, people pay about $55 per linear foot; this includes the installation and all materials to make the trench.

However, costs can go higher depending on how complex the installation is, how it must be placed in the location, and the type of trench drain and elements used.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can get to your property, go over an inspection, and make sure there is a clear plan on what needs to be done or not. Then, we will outline the process for you and include all details about the costs.

Expect us to consider budget and elements and consider all of your space’s elements. We balance every detail and ensure we’re not missing what is crucial with your trench drains.