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Hardscaping Services, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

When people come to our company West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, they find that the hardscaping services offered here are a bit unrelated to what we do. However, hardscaping is part of the drainage industry since several features and options can be used for this single purpose. The fact that you get some nice designs and aesthetically pleasing results can be the addition and cherry on top of the cake. Retaining walls, dry river beds, stones, and other elements. All of them can be used to improve drainage as long as proper design and planning are considered.

Our team can help you with hardscaping for the mere idea of having some features. Hence, don’t feel too pressured to hire us only for this drainage option or whether you have issues or not. We can be there for you regardless and make sure you get every detail done with care and proper steps.

But how much can you get done with hardscaping? And what is hardscaping, to begin with?

In essence, it is the opposite of what you know about landscape, which is better known as softscape in this case. Plants, trees, greens, and common designs in your patio and outdoors are part of the latter. Meanwhile, walls, river beds, and everything that involves using solid materials and constructions will be in the hardscape category.

Some people consider the hardscaping part of the landscape to keep things simple. However, this is a mistake as many homeowners and clients have proven to be a bit mistaken and confused when trying to differentiate them. Therefore, this is something we want to remind you of before you decide what to do and whether hardscaping sounds like what you would require for your designs.

As for what you can get done, a lot. But we will get there.

What Is Including in Our Hardscaping Services?

Since hardscaping involves what is built or not considered green, there is a lot on the plate to think about. Retaining walls are a good place to get started since people consider them for both functional and aesthetical purposes.

Overall, they help retain water and even divert it to new places and specific areas of your patio or property. Hence, they are directly connected to drainage systems and the way you can improve your excess water issues. Nevertheless, they are also used to create new levels and control soil and land.

You can see several designs in which people create new locations in their patios to install some plants, create fountains, or maybe stairs and steps in the space. Or you can use retaining walls to have a solid addition to your features.

On the other hand, pavers, driveways, walkways, fire features, and options such as pergolas can be included.

The first three options can be connected to drains and systems, but in this case, we make sure that while working on them, we are considering your soil and the space. Fire features are a bit more unique, and besides aesthetics, they bring that functionality to your outdoors.

Pergolas, fountains, ponds, and more. All of them can be designed and included in our hardscaping services.

As we mentioned before, drainage and hardscaping are, in fact, quite connected to each other, but this doesn’t mean you have to contact us because of some issues only. We are here to make designs possible, and with our qualified designers and contractors, you won’t have to worry about all the hassle around services and the way the hardscape feature can benefit you and your entire property in the short and long run.

How Much Can Hardscaping Services Cost?

Overall, it will depend on the feature and specific construction or design you wish for. Following the principle of only doing it for your aesthetic needs and ideas, you will be happy to know you can keep it simple.

Many people get hardscaping done with $300 as a budget, while others will need $2.000+ to make it happen. Fire features and some small stones and additions can be inexpensive, but retaining walls and more complicated and large elements will require extra time and resources.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can offer you an inspection and consultation for free, followed by an estimate. You will have a good idea of what you will get, how, and the costs around it.

In case of changes or wanting to work around another budget and estimate, you are more than welcome to reach out and ask away.