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Channel Drains, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

When you are about to use a new element for your drainage system or the issues you are facing, you always have to ensure you do not forget any elements in the space. Moreover, you should take the time to understand what’s needed and required in your property, and once it has been defined, ask yourself, is it really needed and why? At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we always help our clients with this, especially when it involves channel drains and common solutions that, despite being popular, not many people understand their uses.

Channel drains are quite effective when you are trying to work on surfaces and deal with heavy rains and spillages in your space. The issue is that they are usually reserved for nonporous spaces. This doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from porous ones, but the type of soil and surface you have always matter when choosing a drainage option.

The reason why they are used in nonporous surfaces is due to the way they help drain excess water from the location with some gravity or specific slopes near the area of the grate and drain. Car parks, driveways, parking lots, paved areas, and concrete locations and surfaces are the common places to use them.

All drainage systems and options come with the basic idea of preventing flooding and diverting water to other spaces. However, this is usually what people are looking for, so it doesn’t provide much info simply going around it.

What we do is make sure you understand that channel drains will work in flat locations to prevent pooling in specific. This way, all the water on those surfaces can be moved to the main drainage system or sewage line they are connected to.

What Do You Need to Install Channel Drains?

In terms of materials, the specific ones and the number of them needed are quite reduced.

This is why they are also affordable and thus popular among property owners as they want to save on costs and resources.

Since channel drains are a pipe and grate system, you will need to choose the specific type of channels you want to use.

Plastic options are common due to how they can be found everywhere; buy them for low or affordable prices, and they are quite easy to maintain and install. They can also work for years due to how resistant the material is in specific. However, they are not that good when you need to handle large amounts of excess water or consider specific projects around large areas.

We would recommend relying on plastic channel drains for your residential and small spaces, like patios and some driveways in your house or residential property.

Concrete channel drains will be more useful and welcome not only to deal with wand water but also potential substances ads.

Commercial properties and industries often use them due to how they can spill chemicals and strong substances without worrying about damaging the system. Of course, doing so requires a proper treatment system and making sure water is not contaminated in the process, but this is a conversation for another time.

Concrete channel drains offer good balance around resistance, durability, longevity, and how they are able to handle large and massive scale projects. We highly recommend them for new constructions, open areas, or when you know corrosion is most likely to happen due t the conditions in your space and the location where the channel drains will be installed.

Finally, you require the grate to cover the drain and have all debris held back.

Will You Spend a Lot on Channel Drains?

Not quite. As briefly mentioned before, people truly like them due to how you can have an affordable drainage system in place. however, this doesn’t mean channel drains don’t come with certain expenses.

Costs and prices will always vary depending on the project’s size, difficulty, requirements, and needs. Hence, it is difficult providing an estimate around the idea and what needs to be done in your space.

Our team at West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems is always working hard to set an average per linear foot, which starts at $22 and goes all the way to $250, depending on the channel drains used and what must be done.

We recommend reaching out and scheduling a free inspection and estimate with our team so that you can have the whole context and get a proper estimate of your project.