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French Drains, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

French drains are what everyone mentions when they are referring to drainage systems and installations, but can they be used in all situations? Not quite. Our company West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems could be one of the many that will simply install them as per your request. However, we are quite invested in using them when they’re actually needed and the best option for your space. Therefore, you want to know that we can handle the whole installation easily, but only if this is the case for your property or space, be it residential or commercial.

They are the most popular options due to their cost and how you can keep standing water away with ease. This doesn’t mean they will work in all cases and be all the solutions you need, however.

Many people forget that depending on the situation they are facing and the specific needs around their systems and spaces, a new drain should be installed. Hence, while French drains will be amazing in reducing the chance of flooding, they need to be considered in the right places for them to work properly.

But what is a French drain? And when should you use it then? Is it something that can be functional in all residential spaces? Or should you consider some requirements and limits?

We know this generates a lot of questions that are usually without answers from professionals. However, we will address them with you so that you can be more confident about the options available and what you are getting from this entire process.

What Is a French Drain in the Industry?

To keep it simple, they are a type of drain that prevents flooding and stagnant water in your basement and yard. They address these main issues through prevention or by working on the current problems you have with them.

The way their work is due to the system of pipes and ditches created in your property so that all excess water can be diverted to a new location, which will remove all water from your basement and home’s foundation, meaning damage won’t be inflicted in your properties.

The basic concept around it is simply keeping your yard all drained and worrying less about how the water is moving to a better location. What you will notice in comparison with some designs and options or drainage systems is that they don’t really use specific locations or reservoirs.

You can make French drains divert water to another space and work more around a location with a sewage line or existing system in your property that handles the regular drainage needs.

But What Is So Good About French Drains & Their Use?

Well, they are quite easy to install, and considering they can handle flooding and prevent it, there is no need to look further, or this is what most people think.

It is true they can be easily used in all spaces, including patios and entire parks and commercial areas. On the other hand, they are cheap and quite long-lasting as they have proven to last over three decades as long as the installation is done right and all elements are of high quality.

In the end, you can get a drainage system that is efficient, cost-effective and offers quite good conditions to deal with the essentials in your property.

What most people don’t like mentioning is that they also come with some cons to consider:

  • The installation itself is easy, but it still takes time due to all the ditches and pipes involved.
  • You need to adapt them to the structure or remove elements from your property when dealing with the ditches.
  • Clogs need to be considered, although this is common with any drainage system.

How Much Will You Spend on French Drains?

You need to think about costs and prices based on your property’s size, the project at hand, the materials used, and how you are handling the whole project with your French drains.

On average, people spend about $4.800 to get the drains installed. However, some rates go from $10 to $40 per linear foot, depending on where they are installed and the specific design used.

Interior French drains are the most expensive options since their difficulty leads to removals, more digging, and proper repairs in some locations.

However, using curtain drains or trench options can reduce costs and keep the project within budget. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we do our best to provide good insight and an overview of costs.