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House Gutter Extensions, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

When you have downspouts and an entire line of gutters installed on your property, you know you need to work around some adjustments and details sooner than later. House gutter extensions are a good example and case on this since you may have the system, but some properties cannot stand having all that roof water going down in one single location. This is why proper add-ons can make a difference in how you are moving or diverting water away from the standard location. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can help you determine what type of extension is better and when you should use it.

House gutter extensions are one of the few options in the drainage industry that have very specific uses, and the reason to use them comes into sight quite quickly. The #1 is definitely due to how people need to handle large amounts of rain in a single place.

Gutters and downspouts will always drain in a specific location, which may be all right and good enough in regular circumstances. But when your gutters are pouring and channeling lots of rain, this will bring the specific area or space to flood, leading to some issues around how your whole landscape and place is.

Soil erosion is quite common in those cases, and you should work hard to prevent it every time.

Then you have the common situation of how your land isn’t properly graded. As a result, water is pooling or flooding specific parts of the infrastructure, even though this should move it away from it.

Finally, you may be seeing some issues in your drainage system and its performance. Having an extension that helps move all water to a new location and more open area can be the only change you need.

What Type of House Gutter Extension Should You Add?

While people think everything will be fine, you have multiple options for your gutter extensions, and some will work better than others, depending on your situation.

Flexible extensions are used when you want to move water to a further location, and the entire extension and length of the feature are what you care about the most. They are the common design to simply place and way all the flow and amount of water to be moved and controlled. However, they come in some variations depending on the brand and the specific size you are looking for.

Then, you have the popular rollout extension that is popular among property owners that deal with heavy rains and a lot of excess water. They come in some designs that include specific drainage holes in the extension or end of the gutter add-on, allowing for some irrigation benefit depending on the amount of water going down your drains.

The problem with this rollout option is that light rains won’t open or make the feature rollout, making you do it manually or having to way for more rain, which could leave your gutters and downspouts filled with water until the next rain.

Finally, you have a flip-up option that can be opened based on the situation and how you find it convenient to avoid damaging your specific side of the lawn or whenever you want to open it and control the way your runoff is being managed.

Feel free to consider all options or even work around a custom design with our team. We will be there to make sure you get the perfect house gutter extension to deal with all types of gutters and the damage you want to have a hold of in your property.

How Much Will You Spend on House Gutter Extensions?

Costs will vary depending on the specific extension you use, but many of them cost about $6, which makes the entire addition quite affordable.

Installing gutters and downspouts is what is really pricey for some homeowners, but since extensions are literal add-ons to the system, you don’t need to invest a fortune in them.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we help you get the perfect type of your gutter, work around your property’s damage and make sure the runoff is moving and being diverted to a better place.

We want to help you prevent all flooding and stagnant water and work better on your landscape. We can install multiple extensions or help you with a specific request around your space and needs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out and get all the information you need from our drainage contractors.