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Synthetic Turf Installation, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

Some people consider synthetic turf installation to be a bit overkill over their spaces, gardens, and entire property. Others think it is more about how they are not eco-friendly and the way you need to work around their maintenance. Well, we can tell you that this isn’t really the case. Besides being comfortable and low-maintenance, having the synthetic option is more affordable and eco-friendly than natural grass, especially due to how it doesn’t require all the watering and maintenance that you would provide for the regular option.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we know this quite well, as our company has been working in the industry for decades. While this service may not look related to drainage and sprinklers, the truth is that you have a lot to work on when having your synthetic turf installed and considered.

To begin with, having proper turf drainage and a surface that works is way better overall. You will prevent more stagnant water and ponds over your property, and you get to work around a new level of draining without more additions and elements. This is why we highly recommend working on it since more than being aesthetical; it is about performance and proper comfort.

Not all synthetic turf should be installed whatsoever. Most people have problems trying to figure out how they can buy the regular options and place them themselves. However, this leads to more expenses in the short and long run due to poor quality and not proper benefits.

Synthetic turf is quite an investment, and if you want to make it work, it should last for decades, not a few months. Take the time to address the process with us and have your entire patio covered and handled by our experts.

Why Synthetic Turf Installation Over Natural Grass?

Going back to the pros and cons and why you should consider it overall, we want to make it clear that this is the case in every case.

It may be a bit confusing to work with synthetic turf all the time, but it will make your space more comfortable and safer and provide a way to forget about all that maintenance and issues.

This is why we like going down a pros list while also including and adding cons in the whole process.


  • As mentioned before, low maintenance. Since synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered or follow the regular maintenance for natural grass, it is possible to work on watering it every two weeks or simply add some extra spray over the days. Chemicals and fertilizers to keep it green won’t be needed at all.
  • Repairs are simple since you only need to replace the damaged space or part of the turf with a new one, which is usually part of the square feet left after the installation.
  • It is green all year round and provides safety thanks to its extra comfort and support for activities, especially sports, pets playing, and more.
  • You can save resources in the short and long run while reducing the products and chemicals used.
  • It helps with drainage issues as the extra layer with the drainage system will prevent all surface water and subsurface water to be stagnated in these layers.


  • It is quite the investment the first time. While it is good overall, it can hit your finances in the beginning.
  • It holds more heat than natural grass, but it also depends on the type and brand of turf.
  • It needs to be kept clean from substances and waste all the time to avoid odors.

How Much Is ‘Expensive’ for Synthetic Turf Installation?

The cost will usually hit the $4.500 mark as an average or even start there. This is as long as the synthetic turf used for the installation is high quality.

Nylon and polyethylene are the main materials and elements used for high-quality turf. Therefore, you want to work around those options instead of considering other elements that could lead to higher expenses.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can work around a specific budget and provide recommendations. However, some projects that are based on low budgets can end up being more expensive due to poor products and materials. We don’t love taking those, but we surely do our best to avoid damage and prevent the situation from taking place.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to discuss the per-square-foot rates and possible costs for your space.