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Landscape drainage, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

Whenever you work on your drainage, you always have to keep the main goal regardless of what other elements show up or end up taking place. First, draining and making sure your property and space aren’t flooded or all damaged because of excess water. Second, improve the way your systems work and have more consistent soil. Finally, keep it functional and think about the short- and long-term problems that could arise. For landscape drainage, a new addition is made: making sure the space looks good and provides specific draining for some locations.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, our team works through the entire process and makes sure you can have functional and stunning landscape drainage that will address your main concerns: excess water and blend it well with your design.

For many people, considering aesthetics while working on functional parts of your property, especially serious ones that could cause flooded areas or damage all over the place, means nothing. However, wanting a feature that won’t hinder the property’s appeal isn’t wrong. As long as the first need is met throughout the process, why not work around the landscaping part?

Moreover, there are multiple options to work on landscape drainage depending on your outdoor design and how it works, and the way you have it handled. In case you have just started working on your landscape, then this would be the best time to approach drainage. However, some people face a later situation in which proper installation needs to be done afterward.

Our role here is to be there to make things happen. Ensuring you are getting a well-installed and designed drainage system while caring about your landscape and even enhancing its design and appeal is what we will care about at every step.

How Does Our Company Handle Yard Drainage

The process for providing good service will always vary a bit more than the usual standards.

Some companies or drainage contractors, as well as people aiming for DIY ideas, end up having some regular solutions in place. Many of them will work, but the questions that arise from this are:

  • How long will those solutions last?
  • Do they actually address the problem at hand?
  • Will they make the situation worse in the short- or long term?
  • What about quality, performance, and aesthetics? Is there balance in all of it?
  • Were the right methods used in the process?

While some ideas on the internet are going in the right direction, others won’t be as useful, at least not for long. Meanwhile, the ones that may be the solution will need proper planning and design so they are properly done and handled to the point they can last.

This is why our approach is customized. We will always start with proper questions, inspections, assessments, and estimates. Then work around the needs you have while listing the requirements and outline an efficient process.

We understand that certain things may change throughout the process, but this is what we want as it helps with the goal of the project and what your landscape and yard need.

As for the specific solutions, several ones are possible depending on the situation for all this:

  • Install better surface and underground drainage systems.
  • Workaround French and trench drains.
  • Consider a dry river bed for a good design and proper water flow.
  • Work on other walkways and specific areas where the water remains.

Consider the current design of your landscape and maybe add hardscaping features for a good system and enhance details.

How Much Does Landscape Drainage Cost?

It will entirely depend on the project at hand, the difficulty, the size, and the specific solution and drainage provided.

Overall, drainage systems can be installed for $2.000, but this can go up to $6.000+ based on all previous variables. Then you have French drains or specific features that can cost less, considering the amount of work involved.

We recommend having a budget of at least $1.500, then working on whether it is enough or not and how much you can spend on the project.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can give you an estimate right after a free inspection. This will help you have an idea of what is needed, how we can help, and whether some changes can be made or not.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to inquire about landscape drainage and all our support throughout the process, regardless of where it is needed.