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Palm Tree Removals, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

Palm tree removals shouldn’t be taken lightly, considering how they can damage your space and drainage systems in seconds. Yes, your drainage systems as well. Most people think that removing palm trees is usually about aesthetics, but the truth is that in many cases, roots can grow more than wanted or needed, or the tree can be on the way, leading to issues with how your systems and elements should be placed. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we are here to make sure you get all the information needed and the support to make your palm tree removals simple.

While we understand that people don’t consider our help needed for small or even medium-sized trees, we can tell you that you should welcome it in other aspects. You will get the chance to prevent any damage and issues around your property, and how your tree will be handled won’t cause more damage in your space. Meanwhile, you keep everyone in your space safe, and you get to work around a new element or landscape design in your property.

Most people approach palm tree removals based on cutting, trimming, and pulling. While this is the process, in essence, there is more to it than your basic process that could bring some damage to your space.

Assessment and proper understanding of the condition and whether the tree is damaging the property or not are all important. We want to make sure you can be confident and know that how your green element will be handled won’t affect you negatively.

You can request a free consultation and estimate with us. Then decide whether you want to work with our team or not on the whole process for this removal.

How Do We Perform Palm Tree Removals?

In most cases, we are dealing with fully grown trees that need some extra work.

But above all, we need to focus on surveying the area and making sure no obstacles or elements are blocking the side where we will remove the tree, especially if it is damaged.

When we don’t have enough space, or it isn’t safe to cut the tree and let it fall, we will have to work on steps that include trimming the top, considering the way we have to remove parts of the trunk piece by piece and focus on a new comfort and specific level of removal.

What we do know is that the following steps will all be included in how we handle your removals:

  • We must bring all safety measures and equipment to ensure our team isn’t injured in the process.
  • Equipment such as chainsaws, trimming scissors, machinery, and some elements are all needed to remove parts of the tree.
  • We will find the spot of the trunk to start cutting unless we have to go for the step-by-step solution.
  • Our cuts will depend on the method used and how we have to handle all the trees, the direction where they will go, and the waste left behind during the trimming.
  • In most cases, we will cut piece by piece in residential locations so that we don’t risk damaging or hurting anything or anyone. Then, make a cut in the trunk that will make it fall and possibly remove it from the space.
  • Pulling the remaining part of it and making sure all roots are handled may be included or not, depending on your request and what we consider best for the space.

How Much Do Palm Tree Removals Cost?

Prices can vary depending on the tree size, your requirements, the specific needs you have around it, and how difficult it is to get rid of the tree.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, our team is available all year round to work on your trees, and this can be during a planned project or an emergency one.

Feel free to contact us and have our professionals come over and give an estimate based on the situation. Small palm tree removal can be done for about $120, including all the removal and disposal while leaving the area clean.

Medium size and large or fully-grown palm trees start at $250 and $470, respectively, and go higher from there.

You can request a free consultation and estimate in case this is more comfortable for you and work with our team on each part and requirement.