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Dry River Beds, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

People always consider having dry river beds designed and built-in commercial or open areas and properties due to their beauty and functionality. However, we have noticed that many approach this process as a DIY idea instead of relying on professionals who can bring a better design and insight into everything. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, our drainage contractors help you with this drainage solution by considering the heavy rains, irrigation, and other needs that may lead you to use this system and option for your space.

Dry river beds are stunning and quite functional when they are built properly. While diverting and moving water away from your property is the main goal, it can be used to irrigate some plants or trees along the way. This is why the design truly matters, and you need to work around your property’s needs even when you may not notice them yet.

We will help you determine the best direction for your river beds, work on the perfect design and determine what you need it for:

  • Remove excess water.
  • Irrigate some greens and spaces in your property.
  • Direct water away from specific areas like your basement.
  • Workaround stormwater accumulated in some corners and locations.
  • Help with soil erosion.
  • Maintain your space eco-friendly and protected with the design.

Overall, all needs can be covered as long as we are notified on your end, or you allow our professionals to provide the insight and elements to make it possible.

That being said, dry river beds cannot be installed or built everywhere, but we can bring our knowledge and support to determine whether your space qualifies for it or if another drainage solution will be better.

When to Use Dry River Beds & How to Build Them

Leaving aside the need for diverting water and improving flow, you need to ensure your land has enough space to create a long enough river bed to fulfill this function.

Correcting erosion problems is possible by simply localizing the construction, but general irrigation and moving water away will require some extension to ensure the excess is moving to the right location for treatment or simple diverting.

In addition, you want to use dry river beds when you have some aesthetical and landscaping goals in mind. The system can be completely designed around your needs, and you will get a stunning and functional feature that, instead of correcting, can prevent some issues.

But how can you have your dry riverbed built on your property?

Surveying the location will always be the first step to take since we must know the specific problems and how the dry river bed will solve them. Then work on a design by choosing the space for the feature, working on getting measurements, and determining the best design for it. This leads to creating a plan for your property in every situation instead of going for a standard design.

Then, we will start digging to place the river bed, which will follow a 2:1 depth and width ratio so that there is enough space and position for the purpose at hand. Once we have the trench all done, we start placing the landscape fabric and specific elements to create walls or control the way the trench is designed.

We will place the stones next to different sizes and make sure we have the essentials at hand for them. There is not much thought on how the placement should be done but rather focused on having a balance on the surface.

How Much Do Dry River Beds Cost?

You can pay about $13 per square foot for your river beds due to the amount of work they involve and the materials that must be brought to get the desired result.

Digging the trench, working on the landscape fabric, placing the stones, and bringing them beforehand will all take quite the work, especially if it is for a large property or space.

Our West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems team is waiting for you and making sure you have all the support needed throughout your project. We will happily be there to ensure there is nothing to worry about and that you can have dry river beds that bring functional and aesthetical benefits at once.

Call, email us, or use our contact form to schedule a free consultation and get an estimate for your project.