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Foundation Drainage Systems, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

All types of drainage systems have a specific purpose for your property. While it may look like you have a general option in place, there is more to it in terms of performance and what problems they address. Surface systems are the usual ones you see on your property, managing all the excess water. However, foundation drainage systems are another story, and they are quite needed in your space. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, our professionals work with you to determine whether you need one or if the current elements are more than enough for your property.

In most cases, foundation drainage systems are needed when you have problems with flooding basements or excess water coming to your foundation and infrastructure. While this won’t be a big issue for a few days or times, the actual problem comes when you have to deal with all the excess and how your foundation is affected by all the pooling and flooding.

Now, even the way your foundation drainage system is designed will change depending on your property’s condition. For some of them, gravity will be more than enough due to the topography and the way your property is designed. While it will require some planning, it is doable and a good option.

In other cases, pumps need to be added to move all water away from your property due to how it is accumulated, yet there are not enough gravity and slope areas to work on diverting and moving properly.

Our professionals will help you determine all this by working around tests, the way your property is, and considering the way your foundation and infrastructure are being affected throughout the process.

Foundation Drainage Systems & All Types to Consider

Since the basic concept and purpose of how they will remove all runoff from your foundation and ground is clear, we have to review the idea of the whole system itself.

You need to make sure that your lawn can support the installation, especially due to the digging and some trenches needed in the process to install the pipes and materials, and work on the perfect system based on the excess water handled in your place.

 Depending on the severity or situation of your foundation but mostly, the amount of water you deal with on a regular basis, we can choose from different types of foundation drainage systems:

  • French drains are the most common option due to how they work underground, and the pipes work with a landscape fabric that helps move water while protecting the drains. The best part about them is that water is often moved to the main sewage line, or you can consider a further away location depending on how far the design goes.
  • Foundation-buried drains are more like the previous drains, but we have to place all pipes and connect them in a specific position at the top of your property’s foundation so that they can drain as surface drainage systems would do.
  • Sump drains are not that well-known by property owners, but they can be quite good at collecting water and funneling it away. They are considered when pumps are needed to move water due to poor gravity or lack of sloping locations.
  • Sloping drains are more of the opposite of the previous options since they are more around gravity. But beyond that, they don’t come with the usually underground and perforated pipes. You use slopes and work around hard surfaces to create the design.

How Much Will You Spend on Your Foundation Drainage Systems?

It depends on the specific type you are installing and whether you need more components. The project’s size and difficulty or complexity also matter in all this.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we do our best to keep things within a budget, work with you on comfort, and make sure you get everything done in no time.

On average, people spend from $2.500 to $6.000 on foundation drainage systems, but we can provide a more accurate average or cost for you once we have inspected and assessed your space.

We need to determine all complexity and decide what’s the best type. From there, work around gutters, solid pipes, gravel or fabric, and any other elements that must go with your property and the entire drainage system.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to get all the information for your property and how your drainage contractors support you.