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Palm Tree Replacements, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

Palm trees may look stunning around Florida and for some people who have them in their properties. However, they are not completely eco-friendly, and, in many cases, they could interfere with your drainage systems and needs around the patio or property. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can assist with palm tree replacements so that you can get rid of the old tree and start working around a more suitable one for your space. This will allow you to continue contributing to the planet while working on your drainage needs.

We understand that people consider trees overall to be good. However, Florida has quite an excess of palm trees to the point they are not that friendly anymore, especially due to the conditions in the state. Many people remove them to prevent them from falling during storms or having to deal with their dimensions. Our role in all this is to ensure you have the assistance to remove the tree safely and properly to avoid damage.

Next, we will take care of the new addition and how we can help you install your new tree that will take less of your space and focus more on the benefits of having a tree in the environment. We have been doing this for all residents and businesses for over a decade and happily help with every situation.

Palm tree replacement also deals with possible root damage in your pipes and drainage systems. Maybe the tree is on the way to where your dry river bed, connections, and other elements should be installed. This is all a mix of situation elements and how they should be properly addressed.

Should You Hire Professionals for Palm Tree Replacements?

Absolutely. We know some people love trying to have their trees removed on their own, but this comes with multiple issues considering how the tree can fall to the wrong side, the way you will have to deal with the remnants, and how dangerous it can turn to be depending on the tree’s condition.

In case you are replacing it due to damage to your property or drainage system, this is critical as the removal can cause damage itself, which makes things worse and doesn’t allow you to have a new tree placed in most cases.

Our professionals will always inspect properly and see the best approach with the system and removal. In case you have other ideas for your space, we will work around them and make sure the replacement is done carefully.

But what makes it different in terms of our support to remove the tree and replace it with a new one?

Our team will go step by step with you and ensure that everything is taken care of properly to avoid further issues and problems in the space:

  1. We will inspect the tree and see its condition.
  2. Our plan is to trim the tree as much as we can, depending on its size. Large or medium-sized palm trees need to be handled piece by piece to avoid further dangers and damage to the property.
  3. We will remove the entire trunk by pulling it or continuing with all the cutting and trimming.
  4. Once we reach the final part, we pull it from the root to make sure nothing is left, but we’re careful depending on the damage caused to your system.
  5. We will plant the new tree as soon as we prepare the space and leave it clean.

How Much Does Palm Tree Replacement Cost?

You can expect the price to start at $500 if you have fully grown palm trees. This is due to the difficulty in handling all the extensions in case there is not enough space for the removal.

Some small or medium-size projects can be handled for $250 or some smaller fees depending on the difficulty. We encourage you to schedule a survey with our team and have them look at your palm tree.

Then, we have to add the cost for the replacement, depending on the new tree you want for your space. At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we work hard to make every change and element possible. Therefore, take the time to consider this palm tree replacement with us so that your property isn’t damaged, you have a more eco-friendly space, and you can get the desired tree for it.