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Dry Well Systems, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

A dry well system are not that commonly known among people, which makes them think that whenever someone tries to approach the design and option, it feels a bit off. However, they are quite functional for drainage needs and can help control all that sort and rainwater that is quite common in places like Florida. Our West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems team is always available to work with you and make sure you know when this system is needed or not. If it is, we get it done for you in no time. When it isn’t, we bring more options and solutions to your end.

But why would people consider dry wells in the first place? They are amazing at making sure that all rainwater is controlled by going into a groundwater system and specific reservoir or space. The difference with your usual underground system is that dry well systems collect this water from rooftops or specific surfaces such as driveways and walkways.

This is why they are usually mixed or combined with gutters and downspouts so that all water drained by those features goes directly onto the dry well. Then, it is processed and diverted to the best locations for proper treatment or certain disposal into a sewage line.

Dry wells are not that commonly used since people like keeping them simple with their drainage systems. However, they can be quite needed when you are handling large amounts of rain and stormwater on your property.

What people don’t know is that while using dry well systems, they get to recharge groundwater, which contributes to all the not contaminated resources and can be properly treated in a new location with a suitable place for it.

Hence, you may want to reconsider your choice on all this.

What to Know About A Dry Well System Before Installation

If you are truly considering the idea, we recommend coming to our team and having your place assessed and inspected so that we can confirm whether this is the best approach or not.

If it is, we will work on the entire installation for you. What you have to keep in mind is that all options and elements have their pros and cons when you decide to go for them. This isn’t an exception for dry wells.

First, you want to know that all runoff water from your roofs will be handled. This will be taken to public water supplies and help to treat it.

Second, you can reduce the costs of how you are dealing with downstream and all the runoff water from your property.

Third, we have to remind you that groundwater will be recharged, which is desperately needed in any place as long as it is done with the right options.

Finally, you are retrofitting the area and working on an efficient system. Unlike other options, your dry wells will work for years, and you get to keep your property safe and in good condition with all elements.

However, some disadvantages apply when you decide to work on this system:

  • You have to provide continuous maintenance due to how frequent clogs are.
  • Its use for large areas is not the best, and you should keep it within one acre or small properties.
  • You need to consider how you have to direct away any extra water in your sidewalks and driveways in case the system is not handling all the roof water.

At West Palm Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we will determine how likely those problems are to happen and bring options around them before you decide what to do.

How Much Does a Dry Well System Cost?

People spend about $2.500 on a new dry well system, which can be quite affordable and doable considering how underground systems and all the benefits the dry well bring can be compared.

We highly recommend its use as long as the cons of having one won’t affect your property on a big scale. This is why we always remind our clients and potential ones how crucial inspections and consultations are. Then plan and design the whole concept around the situation at hand and avoid following some standards and basic ideas.

Our professionals are here to get started and work on your drainage needs. Hence, don’t hesitate and contact us to have our drainage contractors get there and perform the needed inspection.

Then, they will provide you with a plan, outline, timeline, and estimate with all the details for the dry well system.