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drainage swales, West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems

When people think about drainage systems, they always think about the pipes, ditches, and all elements that go into the process. However, there are multiple ways to work on better drainage without having to use all multiple elements. Drainage swales are good examples of this since they are channels that will handle all the excess water in your hard surfaces like patios, gardens, and specific areas and allow the ground to percolate or absorb it properly. While this drainage method is more about reducing the runoff, it will be quite functional when your type of soil and space allows for it.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, our team is available all year round to work on this drainage process. We have to let you know whatsoever that specific elements besides creating the channels and slopes will be needed.

Since the way the water will percolate into the ground is the key to this drainage option, we have to make sure the surface is ready for this. Hence, your type of soil matters, but covering your slopes and the swale itself with proper grass will allow for better filtration and reduce all the flow. This will create balance in how the water is being absorbed and ensure that ponds and stagnant water aren’t issues.

The whole purpose is to prevent erosion caused by the method itself. Meanwhile, it will improve all the runoff and how the channel itself and gravity or inclination in your property can improve where the rain and stormwater go in all this.

Our company will make sure to inspect your property, see whether it is doable or not, and start working around it as soon as we can determine if this is the drainage option you need for your space.

Can Drainage Swale Be Used for More Than Percolating?

Absolutely. When you know how the system works and the way you can improve the design and the entire process, you get to be a bit more creative with how things are handled.

Therefore, you should work around the way your property is and what you require from it.

In essence, drainage swales can be used as French drains, but while the latter will simply keep water away from your property, you can create your swales in a way that allows for irrigation, proper water usage, and more spaces without ponds or excess.

We have been helping multiple homeowners with their patios and considered that drainage swales are the best options for these needs:

  • They can be sued to irrigate plants and all elements in your garden as long as the swale and how the slope, along with the grass, is designed to divert the water to the best areas. Crops and entire fields can be covered as well, but certain control on the amount of water used is needed.
  • You can control the way the runoff work and have more water being kept away from your property than being absorbed into the ground. But this is up to the situation and needs.
  • It is possible to use it as a rainwater reservoir as long as you have a place where you can stock the excess.

Multiple purposes and functions are doable depending on how you are working with the drainage option. Moreover, you have to consider heavy rains and how you are handling all elements in your property and spaces.

At West Palm Beach Drainage & Sprinkler Systems, we can be there for you and support you through it all, so there is no need to worry about how you are using them and if you’re doing it right.

How Do We Build Drainage Swales?

Surveying and inspecting the area is always the first step. We need to have a hold of the situation and understand your needs before we are even able to work on the space.

Therefore, take the time to run tests, work on the assessment with our team, and then move to the next step, creating a plan and design.

We will outline all elements needed, how the swale needs to be built, and work on the most affordable and comfortable approach. Once clear, we start the swale with rocks, wood stakes, and specific elements depending on the type of swale to be built.

Digging the trench or swale, start layering and making sure all elements are in place next. Once we are done, we will test the swale and make sure that everything is clean and clear on your property.